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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
own. You shall hear next week how my Lord is satisfied with his Dominichin. I have received the letter and drawings by Crewe. By the way, my drawings of the gallery are as bad as anything of my own ordering. They gave Crewe the letter for you at the office, I believe; for I knew nothing of his going, or had sent you the Life of King Theodore.
I was interrupted in my letter this morning by the Duke of Devonshire, who called to see the Dominichin. Nobody knows pictures better: he was charmed with it, and did not doubt its Dominichinality.
I find another letter from you to-night of August 6th, and thank you a thousand times for your goodness about Mr. Conway; but I believe I told you, that as he is in the Guards, he was not engaged. We hear nothing but that we are going to cross the Ehine. All we know is from private letters: the ministry hear nothing. When the hussars went to Kevenhuller for orders, he said, 'Messieurs, 1'Alsace est a vous; je n'ai point d'autres ordres a vous donner.5 They have accordingly taken up their residence in a fine chateau belonging to the Cardinal de Rohan8, as Bishop of Strasbourg. We expect nothing but war; and that war expects nothing but conquest.
Your account of our officers was very false; for, instead of the soldiers going on without commanders, some of them were ready to go without their soldiers. I am sorry you have such plague with your Neptune4 and the Sardinian5 —we know not of them scarce.
I really forget anything of an Italian greyhound for the Tesi. I promised her, I remember, a black spaniel—but how to send it! I did promise one of the former to Marquis Mari at Genoa, which I absolutely have not been able to get
3  Cardinal Armand Gaston Maximilian de Rohan (1674-1749).
4  Admiral Matthews.                         B The King of Sardinia.
B b  2